Stitched Type

What do design and embroidery have in common? This relationship has existed for centuries, but has rarely been discussed. Examples dating from the 5th century BC to today all use the same set of basic techniques to create endless patterns and messages. Yet, there are scarce resources relating typographic history and rules to embroidery, despite both sharing a common grid. Stitched Type explores the history of embroidered typography and encourages designers to add to it by creating their own embroideries. Through a collection of stitched typefaces and interactive projects, I hope to inspire designers to learn embroidery and stitch new designs on their own.

Stitched Type Cover Materials
Practice Stitch Card
Stitched Type includes a practice stitch card for readers to try each basic stitch and keep as a reference.
Stitch Card Stitch Card Completed Project Page Pattern Spread Stitch detail Pattern Page 2 Project Page 2 Stitch Tip
Process Book
A document of my research and material exploration that led to the deliverable.
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